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Safety and Handling of Organometallics

Metalorganics or organometallic substances are often highly reactive compounds. Many concentrated metal alkyls and aluminoxanes or their solutions are pyrophoric, meaning they ignite spontaneously upon exposure with air. In addition metal alkyls and aluminoxanes can react violently with water. 

However, metalorganics can be handled safely with the proper knowledge of handling techniques, carefully designed facilities and thorough training of personnel using written procedures  Personnel who understand and give proper attention to these compounds will be able to handle them confidently and safely.

Sharing our experience in safety is one of the most important resources we offer. Through our safety programs we provide expert advice on the handling of our products including:

  • classroom review of safety and handling of metal alkyls
  • consultation of metal alkyl facility design
  • demonstrations on the safe use, handling and control of metal alkyls
  • on-site assistance and advice regarding procedures 

Watch our short video below to see how we can support you in handling metal alkyls safely.


Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all commercial products can be downloaded from this website. On request we also provide specific publications and videos on subjects such as the safe use and storage of metalorganics, facilities design and maintenance, proper personal protective equipment, spill handling and unloading procedures.

Please contact us to discuss how we can address your safety concerns or provide safety audits and safety training.