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Composites Curing

AkzoNobel  is the global leading supplier of curing systems for unsaturated polyester resin composites, coatings and acrylics. We are serving the industry needs with the world’s largest product range, with well-known and respected brands such as Butanox®, Cadox® Perkadox® and Trigonox®. We also have a complete range of accelerators, promotors, inhibitors and release agents enabling you to choose the optimal curing system for your application. We continuously invest in innovative products to meet our customer needs, examples are:

Perkadox 16 pumpable pastePerkadox 16 pumpable paste 
Perkadox 16-40 PS is a fast dissolving easy to dose paste, widely used in CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe), pultrusion and acrylic solid surface. The low viscous pumpable paste is very suitable for continuous dosing systems and has a safer handling profile than the Perkadox 16 powder product.
Thinking blue with NouryactNouryact®, cobalt-free accelerators
Nouryact is the range of Cobalt-free accelerators for the curing of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. Nouryact accelerators combine high reactivity with process flexibility to secure the desired mechanical properties in the required product cycle time.

Novel water insensitive cure systems for biofibers 
Our Nouryact curing systems have also paved the way to the development of a novel water-insensitive curing system for biofiber reinforced composites. The biofibers do not require a drying process anymore, making your production process more robust and efficient while reducing the carbon footprint of your end products. The novel cure system was recognized with a 2015 JEC Innovation award. Watch this video to see firsthand what our novel curing system can offer you. 


Safety Services 
Sharing our experience and safety knowledge of peroxides with our customers is an integral part of AkzoNobel’s service offering. Check out our safety page to see how our unique safety services can help you to safely handle and store our products.

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