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Crosslinking Elastomers

Companies all around the world depend on our Trigonox® and Perkadox® crosslinking peroxides brands. They are an important ingredient in the production of a wide variety articles from hi-tech automotive parts, to hoses, footwear and power cables and can be used to crosslink virtual any rubber such as: EPDM, EVA, natural rubber, nitrile rubber and silicone rubber.
Crosslinking of elastomers with organic peroxides gives excellent primary properties, such as dimensional stability, high temperature stability and chemical resistance, enabling you to produce articles that stay in shape even under the most severe conditions.
Perkadox 14-40B-granules

Easy to use organic peroxide formulations
All our frequently used crosslinking peroxides are also available as formulation on a different inert carriers and in different concentrations. Formulated peroxides are: safer in use, easier to handle and disperse faster in the rubber compound as compared to their neat counter types, resulting in better final product properties. In addition we supply our formulations in custom made pre-weight packaging which can be dosed directly to your mixer and thus reducing the exposure of personnel to the peroxide.

If you have any specific requirements for carriers, concentrations or our custom made pre-weight packaging, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.