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Pharma and Fine Chemicals

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Our products are essential compounds in chemical synthesis of small-molecule drugs. In fact, some of the world's best selling pharmaceutical ingredients are synthesized using our organometallics specialties and organic peroxides.

Metal Alkyls 

In pharmaceutical and fine chemical synthesis, our products are especially useful in reduction, addition, alkylation, and deprotonation, where they facilitate various asymmetric steps. Stereochemical control is increasingly important in pharmaceutical synthesis and metal alkyls have been shown to be particularly effective in obtaining the desired stereoisomer in certain applications.

Organic Peroxides

Organic peroxides afford several important oxidation and epoxidation reactions. They are also a versatile source of free radicals for fine organic synthesis. A major advantage of organic peroxide chemistry is is undemanding reaction conditions, especially the high tolerance of trace reactions. Organic peroxides can often reduce the number of reaction steps in classical synthetic routes. In many cases, these reactions are unprecedented in non-radical chemistry. 

We also produce a range of benzoyl peroxide API's for use in anti-acne creams, face and body washes, and shampoos. Various grades carry a US-DMF, EDMF, or meet EP & USP requirements.

Custom Synthesis

We offer custom-manufactured (metal-)organic compounds and other specialty chemicals that are used in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. We provide proprietary technology, scale-up expertise, pilot facilities and commercial scale production.

Our core competencies are in complex and hazardous chemistries, and the handling of of highly reactive chemicals (incl. alkyls, dimethylsulfate, acid chlorides, titanium tetrachloride). Please contact us to discuss you custom synthesis needs.