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PVC production

We offer a wide range of products for the production and processing of polyvinylchloride (PVC) which includes:

Continuous initiator Dosing (CiD)

We have also developed a Continuous initiator Dosing (CiD) technique which significantly increases reactor output in manufacturing suspension PVC (S-PVC). It's an important process improvement because not only does it help the PVC production process become much safer, is also makes S-PVC resin less expensive, while helping to produce a better quality end product. The PVC resin is whiter than found with classically produced PVC, so fewer additives such as titanium dioxide, need to be added.

Intrinsically safe peroxide emulsions and suspensions

In addition to an emulsified form of diisobutyryl peroxide, one of the keys to the breakthrough CiD technology, we offer a range of intrinsically safe organic peroxide suspensions and emulsions for use in suspension PVC. Water based peroxide formulations can have a positive effect on PVC properties such as morphology, porosity, bulk density and fish-eye level, and are much safer and easier to handle.

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