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AkzoNobel Powder Coatings

Powder coatings

We are AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.  We’re a truly global business, with around 4,000 dedicated employees spread throughout five continents.  We’re proud to produce high quality powder coatings that our customers can rely on – anywhere in the world!

A powder coating is a solvent free paint, which is usually sprayed on the coated object – although other application options, such as fluidized bed dipping, are also available – and then baked in an oven.  Solvent-free also means that powder is an environmentally sound coating option.

Our powder coatings can be used on everything from architectural aluminum and steel, to wheels and automotive components, to pipelines and valves, through to microwave ovens, office furniture, or lighting.

Our headquarters is in Sassenheim in the Netherlands, but will be moving to exciting, brand new premises in Amsterdam from January 2016.  

We have around 30 manufacturing plants in 20 countries and a global product strategy fine-tuned to meet local needs.  All our products combine the latest technology with a customer focused service package. And we’re continuously developing.

We promote two truly global product brands: Interpon and Resicoat

Long, medium and short term Research & Development support comes from 4 key areas:
•    The innovation centre, based in Felling
•    The Centers of Expertise spread around the world
•    The national technical support teams
•    Our product development labs

Together with our customers, we work to take powder coatings technology into the future.