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History of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings

How did we get where we are today

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has a long and distinguished history. We started as Courtaulds based in the UK, in 1816.  Since then a diversified product range has ensured we're at the forefront of developing technologies.  We now deliver innovative coatings solutions on a global scale.

Here are some more of the highlights over the years:

1816;     Courtaulds founded in the UK

1960's;   Courtaulds acquires International Paint & Pinchin Johnson

1975;     First Interpon powder plant opened - at Felling, in the UK

1976;     Bonneval powder business acquired in Germany

1980;     Supertintas powder and resins business acquired in Sao Roque, Brazil

1981;     New Interpon plant built in Melbourne, Australia

1985;     Interpon plant built in Houston, TX

1985;     Acquisition of Robert Bryce powder business in Australia

1985;     First Interpon plant built in Asia - in Korea, in a JV with DPI

1988;     Acquisitions of Dyssa in Spain and Minerva in Italy

1989;     New Interpon plants built in Malaysia and Indonesia

1990;     Powder JV formed in Taiwan with Chang Cheng Chemicals

1991;     New Interpon plants built in China - in Shenzhen and Suzhou

1997;     New Interpon plant built in Bangalore, India

1998;     Courtaulds acquired by Akzo Nobel

2000;     New powder coatings factory opened at Izmir in Turkey, managed as
              part of a JV company Akzo Nobel BOYA

2002;     Akzo Nobel acquires the powder businesses of Ferro Corporation in the
              Americas and Asia Pacific

2002;     Akzo Nobel and Mexican powder producer Industrial de Acabados, 
              S.A. de C.V. (INDA) form a 50/50 JV, Akzo Nobel INDA Powder 

2003;     New powder coatings factory opened at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam,
              managed as part of the JV company Akzo Nobel Chang Cheng
              Coatings (ANCCC)

2003;     Akzo Nobel buys the remaining 50% share of Interpon Powder 
              Coatings Korea Ltd ("IPCK") held by DPI; the company, based at 
              Shiwha, near Seoul, is now wholly owned by Akzo Nobel

2005;    Akzo Nobel enters into a 60% joint venture with Coatech in Egypt.

2006;    Acquisition of Balakom in Czech Republic

2007;    New powder site opened in Orekhova-Zuevo, Russia

2007;    New Powder site in Chengdu, China

2008;    New powder site Jebel Ali, Dubai

2008;    Akzo Nobel aquires Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (ICI)

2010;    AkzoNobel Powder Coatings acquires Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings

2010;    AkzoNobel opens 6th powder coatings plant in China.  The plant is located in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, a major industrial and manufacturing hub in             central China.