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Global Brands

Many of our brands are household names, trusted by customers to brighten, protect and preserve their homes, buildings, offices and factories. And our chemicals are essential ingredients in everything from ice cream to asphalt, soup to soap, and plastics to paper.

Some of our most recognized brands are listed here, and you can search through all brands using the menus provided.



  • Cromadex

    Cromadex have been supplying products to the general industrial market in Europe for over 30 years. Experts in color, textured and special effect coatings, as well as corrosion protection and specialist paint systems.

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  • Interpon

    AkzoNobel is the world’s largest manufacturer of powder coatings. These solvent-free paints help protect everything from metal furniture to window frames, radiators, pipes and cars.

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  • Resicoat

    Resicoat® protects pipelines, valves and fittings, and reinforcing steel. The Resicoat® range also includes product lines specifically designed to offer excellent insulation for electrical components.

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