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Our Powder Coatings


We are the largest global manufacturer of powder coatings and a world leader in powder coatings technology.

We're proud to make high quality powder coatings, which are solvent-free paints, applied to metal and other conductive surfaces.  We coat everything from metal furniture to window frames, radiators, pipes and cars and even wood and plastic. 

Our powder coatings can be applied to the following general categories:

  • Domestic appliances - e,g, washing machines, dryers, fridges and more
  • Construction and architecture
  • Automotive parts - think engine blocks, wheel trims, handbrakes and more
  • Functional pieces
  • Furniture - everything from pipes to bobbins
  • General Industrial Requirements
  • IT - e.g. laptops, hard drives, mice and more

We also supply powder to trade coaters.

Most of our powders are sold under the Interpon brand name.

Our functional powders are sold under the Resicoat name.