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Powder: Your Flexible Friend

Blue chipped powder

Standing beneath two enormous wind turbines, Arctic wind blowing against thick layers of thermal clothing and looking up in awe at the colossal structures, it’s hard to imagine that they have much in common with a tiny, 2.1 mm wide resistor used in measurement instruments. But there is a commonality – AkzoNobel Powder Coatings.

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings are proud of the flexibility of their technology and rightly so. From the Petronas towers in Malaysia, one of the world’s highest structures, to Siberian pipelines running deep beneath the earth’s surface, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings’ products are used to protect, decorate, strengthen and enhance on a global scale. “Our products coat parts that need to withstand some of the most extreme conditions on earth” says Petra Schiller, Functional marketing assistant.

Yet it’s not just the highest and the lowest, hottest and coldest, that can be dealt with. “One of our best selling products is OEM tested, durable and tough, rugged looking and performs the most difficult of tasks” says Steve Polanski, Automotive manager, USA, of a Matte black powder used in the automotive market. Yet Gabrielle Libong, marketing coordinator, France states “the soft touch powder is exactly that. Soft to the touch, despite its tough characteristics and superior protection”.

So how can powder be so many things? Quite simply, it’s a very flexible technology. As well as all the  environmental advantages, powder coatings are durable and offer a range of different protections. Need it to be easy clean? No problem, there's Interpon EC. Heat resistant? Interpon HT. Need a shiny, chrome effect – Interpon Chrome will do the job. In terms of decoration, they can be as plain and functional or as bright, colorful and patterned as you like. Leopard print lap top anyone?

“There’s every shade of white, gray and black imaginable, through the whole spectrum to the deliciously named glossy lipstick, retro yellow or sparkling diamond” says Haidi Wang, Furniture manager responsible for Interpon F, the high quality, on trend furniture product that also boasts superior scratch resistance and durability.

The extensive range of products that make up the AkzoNobel portfolio speaks for itself. So whether it’s plain or patterned, hot or cold, matte or glossy, large or small, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings are your flexible friend.