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Powder Coatings: The Green Giant



Powder Coatings: The Green Giant

Within the powder coatings industry, we have led the way in eliminating substances of concern. We do not manufacture powder coatings containing toxic lead pigments. We are the world leader in TGIC-free technology (triglycidyl isocyanurate, a cross linker used as a curing agent in powder coatings since the 1970’s).

So what's so green?
Powder Coatings products have many environmental benefits. A powder coating is made up of raw materials, similar to other coatings, but without organic solvents. As a result there is no volatile release of organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere during application. Also, as no solvent is required with powder, there is a reduction of fire risk during storage and handling.

The unique methods of application of a powder coating allow the solvent free product to be applied in a one coat process; any excess powder is collected and reused. The powder coating paint application process results in high utilisation, low wastage and an economic applied-cost.