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Jozo logo


Jozo® is a strong global brand for consumer salt products. Our assortment contains a broad range... JOZO

Sanal packshot


Purity to count on... The purity and quality of the different salt products are of the... Sanal

KNZ salt and mineral licks

KNZ salt licks

Take no risks, give them KNZ® salt licks. Salt, other essential minerals and trace-elements... KNZ salt licks

Suprasel packshot


Making food taste good, look good, last longer... Within food, Salt Specialties has a... Suprasel



Taking the 'hard' out of hard water... In its home markets, Salt Specialties has managed to... Broxo

Packshot Broxomatic


Broxomatic® is essential for your dishes and your dishwasher! It cooperates with the dishwasher... Broxomatic

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