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Our Brands

Our brands

Schramm — Two centuries of experience, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about Schramm. Schramm is the choice of automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers all around the world for automotive interiors – from dashboards and steering wheels to door panels and gear shifts – and for exterior and drive train parts like axles, shock absorbers, springs, engines, drive shafts, and windshield wiper blades.

Seno-Series — Seno-Series takes the idea of “look and feel” literally. Because in personal electronics, it’s got to look great, but it’s also got to feel right. And Seno-Series has been a leader in the development of haptic coatings that evoke just the right feelings. Emotion and functionality – in soft-touch and textured coatings, including Soft-Feel and UV Silky-Soft – that’s the essence of the Seno-Series line.

Soliant — Soliant is proof that looks can be deceiving. With the Soliant line of coated films, suppliers to the automotive, consumer electronics, and home appliance sectors have choices that are less costly, more robust, and more sustainable than traditional liquid or powder coatings. A bright chrome look for bumpers and automotive trim, the look of stainless steel or brushed aluminum on home appliances, a pearlescent sheen on laptops and consumer electronics products. And decorative effects that simply wouldn’t be possible with conventional coatings systems.

AkzoNobel — There’s nothing fancy about our AkzoNobel coatings solutions for automotive plastic parts. Which isn’t to say that these are not high tech, high-performance products. Our AkzoNobel labeled automotive plastics coatings deliver industry-leading color accuracy, resilience, durability, and sustainability. It’s no wonder that plastic parts on the cars you love to drive from the world’s leading carmakers are coated with AkzoNobel’s APC products.