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Our Services

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Color Solutions

While our clients anxiously anticipate our trend presentations each year, they often have more region and market-specific interests that are not always on the global radar. Foresee now welcomes commissioned research to develop custom mood boards for specific market segments (by region, gender, age …). We also offer color duplication on your parts, and workshops in color directions.

Graphic Solutions

Foresee’s graphic designers are developing an online library of graphics specifically for use with our digital imaging technologies. In addition to our own designs, we are always adding exciting new illustrators and designers to offer you the widest array of graphic styles and disciplines.

Product Solutions

Renderings are a time consuming but very necessary portion of the design process.

Using high-end rendering software, our  designers can 3-D render your designs in pre-determined color palettes and with a multitude of surface decoration possibilities.  In addition to 3-D renderings Foresee also offers 3-D prototyping from your designs to give you a sculpted model of your products shape. These dummy sculpts are an invaluable tool that often lead to refinements and discovery of pitfalls early in the design process.

We hope you’ll consider Foresee an extension of your company’s design and research arm, able to deliver highly relevant color, graphic, and product solutions.