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Color Management

The human eye can distinguish millions of colors. And that means, if we don’t get it right, people are bound to notice. So color management has got to be one of our top priorities.

That’s why our customers look to us as partners who understand color, understand their requirements, and deliver – so when the colors are applied on their lines they precisely meet their specifications and provide a perfect match. With robust color technologies so the color applied today remains the same over time.

It’s probably the case that you don’t give much thought to color perception, but the science and technology that goes into producing color is extremely complex. When we say that we make color management a priority, it means that we are able to handle that complexity, to deal with the most difficult color-matches, to make it all work on complicated components on a wide range of customer line applications, and to deliver custom solutions when the situation demands it. In fact, when we are developing a color for you, right from the start we look at the line application to ensure that you’ll get the right result.

We are able to meet the toughest standards for color and durability of leading OEMs across a range of consumer and industrial segments: automotive, consumer electronics, sports and leisure, and more. And to ensure color consistency from production run to production run, and place to place. OEMs expect nothing less.

Color Management takes specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. And that’s what you get from Specialty Finishes.