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Global Design Team

Design Centers

Specialty Finishes distinguishes itself from the competition because we deliver a great deal more than paint. Our Global Design Team works out of design centers located in Germany, the United States, China, and South Korea, so we can keep track of what’s going on in the design world, and we are close enough to our customers to be able to work with their design teams in their own environments. We support our customers at every step in the design process.

Our design team attends the most important fashion presentations and trade shows all around the globe, following trends in fashion, design, and color. Every year, we produce Design Trend, a comprehensive overview of what is happening in color and design, based on research, interviews, media tracking, customer contacts, and careful analysis of all that we learn in conversations with trend-setting industrial designers, color experts, marketers, fashion designers, and manufacturers of everything from kitchenware to ready-to-wear clothing from global brands.

That’s valuable information – information we share with our customers to inspire them in their own design processes and give them insight into what the future may hold in store.

From knowledge to solutions

But it’s not just about providing information, It’s also about working with our customers to help them interpret their design brief into the technologies we can provide. It’s about color workshops to help them build a color palette, or to come up with a specific color.

And then we bring in our Solutions Labs, staffed by the technical experts who can translate an idea into a perfect solution. Or we link our customers to our R&D Department – taking our customers’ “wish lists” to our R&D department, and the emergent technologies to our customers.

At AkzoNobel Specialty Finishes, the goal of our Design Team is to develop a special relationship with each and every customer, and to make certain that the result is indeed something special.