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Our markets are changing constantly, our customers are demanding ever-better performance, and our own designers and engineers are continually imagining coatings with totally new aesthetic and functional characteristics. In our RD&I (for research, development and innovation) labs, we are exploring advanced coatings concepts that we hope will one day make it into new generations of products. We’re looking at ways to simplify applications, to cut energy costs, to use new materials and new application protocols, to make paints that are ever more durable, or that deliver functionality extending beyond aesthetics and protection.

Coatings that feel different, that clean themselves, or that repel water. Anti-glare coatings for screens, anti-streak and anti-fingerprint coatings for mobile devices. Self-healing coatings for automotives applications. In our research labs, we’re looking at the very fundamentals of coatings technology and color science as we try to envision the coatings of the future.

But in the process, we’re not forgetting about current needs. RD&I is also about continuous improvement of our existing products and supporting our Solutions Labs with the scientific know-how to meet customer needs.

With nearly 300 highly skilled scientists working in RD&I, Specialty Finishes should continue to deliver something special to our customers for many years to come.