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Solution Labs

When you are looking for coatings solutions, you can count on one of our Solutions Labs to come up with an answer. We call them Solutions Labs because the experts who work there are “solution oriented” professionals who are capable of reacting quickly to customer requests for assistance and support. Is it a color match? The creation of a new color for a new product release? A slight variation on an existing color or the optimization of a formulation to run smoothly on your application line? A slight modification in the specifications? Are you looking for a very specific effect or texture? Our Solution Labs are at your service.

We have a number of Solution Labs spread worldwide in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and India. They work closely with our customers, as well as our Global Design Team and our RD&I Department. Our Solutions Labs offer advice on the right choice of technologies, to ensure a trouble-free application process, maximum durability, and the best value for the performance parameters a customer requires. We have unmatched capabilities in color matching and color creation. And we understand that time is of the essence, whether it is in product development or in production.

Our Solution Labs provide solutions for many of the best-known global brands in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, cosmetics and personal care, and sport and leisure products. They are just one of the many ways in which Specialty Finishes delivers special services to our customers.