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All around the world, Specialty Finishes is one of the key coatings suppliers to the companies that supply the automotive industry. Our products are used for both automotive interiors and exteriors. On interior plastic parts, under the much admired Schramm brand, we provide coatings for like door handles, climate control bezels, speedometer housings, interior trim, and even the brand emblems of some of the leading automakers in the world. And we provide the coatings systems for every sort of exterior part from the front grill to the mirror housings to the drive shaft to the rear bumper.

We’ve got waterborne and solvent borne coatings, as well as brilliant paint films of the highest quality. Our systems are suitable for plastic, carbon fiber, and metal substrates. We have the capability to deliver colors and effects that perfectly match the most sophisticated automotive coatings offered to consumers today.

Color matching

These days, many parts come together from many different places to make the end product coming off an automotive assembly line. The customer expects nothing less than a perfect match. And with the automotive plastic coatings from Specialty Finishes, that’s what the customer gets. We are global leaders in color technology, and what that means is that we can match any color, and any effect, however complex or subtle it may be. And we can make it happen on any type of production or paint line. Our customers look to us as partners who understand color, understand their requirements, and deliver the perfect color match that customers expect and deserve.

Special effects

We can provide subtle special effects – even the illusion of depth, the textures that feel right on interior surfaces, and smart coatings that are anti-streak, anti-fingerprint, and resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Global presence, tailor-made solutions

With our global presence, we can work with the world’s leading OEMs and with OEM suppliers to deliver tailor-made coatings solutions that meet the specific needs of just about any paint line for any automotive part supplier anywhere in the world. We’ll work with our customers’ design departments to develop new colors and new effects for any substrate, and we’ll bring our own design team and R&D department in to consult on trends and technologies that can make a world of difference in a highly competitive market.

In the automotive market, Specialty Finishes means special attention to the special needs of automakers and OEM suppliers all across the globe.