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Consumer Electronics

There’s probably no market in the world that is quite so dynamic as the consumer electronics market. Mobile phone models are updated or replaced several times a year. Technologies that were the “next big thing” fall by the wayside as new ones are introduced. Whole categories of products come and go and without continually changing their products, today’s market leaders may be tomorrow’s also-rans. The competition is fierce. Often, the difference between success and failure is a matter of design and aesthetics: if you can excite the buying public with a new look that sets you apart, or create a buzz among users and reviewers with colors and effects that impress, you’ve got a much better chance of scoring a hit.

And that’s where Specialty Finishes can make the difference. We put the glow in mobile devices produced by the best-known consumer electronics manufacturers around the globe. We coat computers, home entertainment systems, games systems, and home appliances. We provide coatings systems for all sorts of plastic or metal substrates. We can deliver high gloss, low gloss, soft feel, scratch resistance, finger-print resistance, and super-tough durability.

The choice is yours

We have affordable mono-coat systems for printers and monitors when price is a prime consideration, eye-teasing special effects for stylish mobile phones, and everything in between. Our Soft Touch coatings are the industry standard, but we’ve extended our textures with new, UV-curable “Silky Soft” coatings that look just as good on whites and silvers as they do on darker colors.

Custom colors, design consulting, quick turnaround

Our design team can take your request to our Solutions Labs for a special color or effect, or to match an existing color. And we can give you the quick turnaround you need to get your products to market on schedule. We can also show you what’s cooking in our research labs that may give you an edge on the competition. And we keep track of trends in color and design extending beyond the world of consumer electronics, because these days, people make a fashion statement with their phones, their tablets, and their sound systems.

In Consumer Electronics, Specialty Finishes really is something special.