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As the world’s largest paint company, AkzoNobel has been adding color to life for generations. We understand just how important color is in people’s lives – so it only makes sense that we take that knowledge of color and coatings technology and apply it to the kinds of products that enrich our lives. In our “Lifestyle” segment, we  are a leading provider of coatings for plastic and glass containers and packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, make-up, and many other personal care items; we paint the high-impact plastics used for motorcycles, golf carts and motorcycle helmets; you’ll find our coatings on skis and ski bindings, on the golf balls of many of the best-known golf ball manufacturers, and on a wide range of plastic items like electrical switches, buttons, signs, badges, and credit cards.

Working to your specifications

Our Lifestyle business specializes in meeting the very unique requirements of unusual applications – unusual shaped perfume bottles, dimpled golf balls, and sporting equipment that takes a beating on a daily basis. We have the ability to respond quickly to any request, anywhere in the world, for custom formulations and custom colors. And our design specialists can help packaging designers or sports equipment manufacturers in design decisions and color choices that make their products recognizable and build them into winning global brands.

Lifestyle choices are always special choices, which is why Specialty Finishes is the choice of so many producers of lifestyle products.