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Colors – Integrated coatings systems – comprehensive coatings systems – total solutions

With Specialty Finishes, what you get is far more than what you see. We are proud of our ability to deliver a full range of colors and basecoats, and of the way we meet demanding customer specifications with advanced solvent-borne technologies as well as eco-friendly waterborne technologies. But the color and the basecoat are just part of the total solution.

Most often, we deliver a coatings system. With primers and fillers that ensure proper adhesion to all sorts of plastic and metal substrates. And clearcoats that provide for the precise finish you are looking for – whether it’s high gloss, satin, or matt. And of course, our clearcoats are rugged and durable, so whether it’s part of a coating system for a bumper or a cell phone, it is resistant to bumps, nicks, and scratches.

Primer, filler, basecoat, clearcoat, waterborne, solvent-borne – with Specialty Finishes, you get total solutions that deliver color, durability, and functionality to your specs.