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With our Reflex technology, Specialty Finishes creates an amazing illusion of depth in a paint that is just a few microns thick. It is almost as if you are looking at a hologram. The technology relies on the manipulation of particles in the paint to achieve effects so convincing that many people have to touch the surface to convince themselves that the surface really is smooth and not rippled or ribbed, as it appears to the eye. Reflex offers the possibility, in a manner of speaking, to add a new dimension to products like mobile phones and other hand-held devices. 

Metal effects

Our metal effects coatings are virtually indistinguishable from real metal, and can be used on just about any application lines. They exhibit excellent adhesion on typical plastic substrates, as well as the durability to stand up to the wear and tear that mobile devices are subjected to, and the brilliance to attract attention when applied to cosmetics and personal care bottles.