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Paint film offers an alternative to liquid paints that is gaining in popularity in many of the segments where Specialty Finishes is active. Our Soliant paint films, marketed under the Fluorex brand, are durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, with unique design possibilities not possible with traditional basecoat/topcoat systems. Paint films are an excellent choice for a wide range of special effects including printing, texturing, two-tones, metallics and pearlescence. And they stand up to harsh weather conditions, and are resistant to chipping, UV radiations, and harsh chemicals. The films are also 100% recyclable.

AkzoNobel produces paint films for both interior and exterior applications. Its Fluorex Bright Films® provide the look of chrome, but without the health and environmental hazards of products containing chromium. They are used in automotive interior and exterior applications, as well as in the consumer electronics and home appliance markets. Bright Film is available in chrome, black chrome, matt chrome, and brushed chrome finishes.

Fluorex Paintfilm® is the film alternative to traditional spray application systems where a full palette of colors are possible including metallic, pearlescent, and even anodized finishes. The technology utilizes the same types of pigments as our spray-applied systems in combination with chemical and weather resistant resins; affording decoration possibilities for current automotive  applications.