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Haptic” coatings – coatings with special textures – are increasingly popular, especially in the consumer electronics market. Specialty Finishes has developed some of the leading textured coatings available, including industry standards like UV Soft Feel, and the breakthrough UV Silky Soft, a new development that makes it possible to apply soft textured coatings with light colors without the risk of staining and discoloration.

Soft Feel UV

Our Soft Feel UV coatings are an ideal choice when you are looking for resilient, scratch-resistant coating for keyboards and other surfaces that are subjected to wear and tear.

UV Silky Soft

By definition, soft-textured paints are more “open” than shiny films. Traditionally, that has meant that soft-textured paints stained very easily. But UV Silky Soft is stain resistant, so it overcomes the limitations of previous textured paints.

Soft Touch Film

We’ve taken the soft feel and applied it to film to come up with Soft Touch Film. Soft Touch Film can be applied to both plastic and metal substrates, laser etched, and it can be printed, opening up a new world of decorative options. What’s more, the film is thermoformable, with up to 25 percent stretch.