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Product Data Sheets

Leading The Way

AkzoNobel also produces a huge number of specialty chemicals that find their way into hundreds of everyday products. Many of our products are household names, used and trusted by our customers to brighten, protect and preserve their homes, buildings, offices and factories. In fact, wherever color and protection are needed, you'll find AkzoNobel at work.


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ProductBusiness RegionProduct Data Sheet
NaSHNANaSH 45%; NaSH 60%
SANaSH 39% Filtrado; NaSH 42% Filtrado; NaSH 42%;Na2S 13%
EUNaSH 45%; NaSH 40%
RSCNEUKSCN cryst.;NaSCN cryst.; NaSCN cryst. tech.; NaSCN 55%; NaSCN 50%; NaSCN 50% tech.; NaSCN 45%; NH4SCN cryst.;NH4SCN cryst. tech.; NH4SCN 55%; NH4SCN 50%
SAH2SO4; Oleum; NaHSO3 45%
SxCl2NAS2Cl2; SCl2
ThioplastEU/NA/AsiaG1; G4; G10; G12; G21; G21F; G22; G44; G112; G131; EPS25; EPS70; EPS80