Carbon Disulfide


Carbon Disulfide

AkzoNobel has manufactured Carbon Disulfide for over 100 years and has developed the world’s most advanced production technology. These high standards permit high production capacity in single, continuous-process plants with economical, safe and environmentally sound operations. AkzoNobel is a major producer of Carbon Disulfide (CS2). Carbon Disulfide is a raw material for mainly the chemical and agriculture industry.

Major Applications

Carbon Disulfide is a raw material for a large variety of chemical products. It is used in the manufacture of xanthates, which are intermediates for the production of regenerated cellulose products like viscose rayon, cellophane, cellulose sponges etc. It is also used as a reaction agent for the production of rubber vulcanisation accelerators and fungicides and soil sterilizers. Carbon Disulfide is an effective solvent for oils, waxes, sulfur and sulfur compounds.

Carbon Disulfide can be used in different applications. Main areas are:
  • Rayon industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Fibre industry
  • Agriculture sector (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and biocides)
  • Cellophane, sausage packages

As part of our Responsible Care Program we also feel responsible for a safe and environmentally sound handling of our Carbon Disulfide at your location. Therefore our Technical Service Experts offer support regarding all technical and safety issues to our customers and supply you with specific information. Furthermore safety audits are offered for your unloading station and storage facility. Carbon Disulfide Safety Seminars are periodically held at our production locations and tailor-made safety training at your site can also be arranged.