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Sodium Hydrosulfide - NaSH

Mining leather bag

AkzoNobel is a major producer of sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH), which is available in different aqueous solutions (including 30%, 40%, 42% and 45%). We start with elemental sulfur and membrane-grade caustic soda to produce the purest and most consistent product on the market.

Major Applications

In many applications sodium hydrosulfide is used as a highly reactive form of sulfur and acts as an intermediate in the production of other chemicals, especially thio-chemicals used in textile processing, in the production of flame retardant resins, and in vulcanization accelerators.

Its other main role is as a processing aid in the production of a variety of industrial products. It is a de-hairing agent in the production of fine leathers.  In mining, it is a flotation agent, helpful in the precipitation of metals from ore slurries.  NaSH from our plants in LeMoyne and San Lorenzo finds uses in the extraction and separation of copper and molybdenum from raw ore. NaSH is also valuable as a raw material in the production of heat resistant plastics for the auto and electronic industries.  In paper making, NaSH is used to add sulfidity to cooking liquor in kraft pulp mills.  Other relevant uses of the substance or mixture include chemical processing, waste treatment, waste water treatment, and textile dyes. 

Transportation and handling of NaSH

AkzoNobel takes great care in the production, handling, and transport of this product.  We have designed our NaSH plants around the world to very high standards.  Since we operate them ourselves, we are very careful about making sure they are safe for our employees and for our neighbors.

We are just as diligent in making sure our customers handle NaSH properly.  Before we sell NaSH to a new customer, we review the design of their unloading and storage systems.  For new installations, we often provide assistance in designing their storage facilities.  In addition we conduct audits and inspections of these facilities once they are in use and as they age, always with an eye for improvement.  We refuse to sell to customers whose facilities are substandard until mandatory improvements are made. Our ability to provide safe just-in-time delivery to remote mines in the Andes is just what our customers require.