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Thioplast G - The Polysulfide

Excellence in Sealants

window aircraft rivet tank

AkzoNobel is the largest producer of liquid polysulfide polymer Thioplast® G worldwide. We produce a number of different Thioplast® G types with different molecular weight and degree of branching.

Due to the excellent property of the cured Thioplast® G such as elasticity and pronounced chemical resistance it is mainly used as base polymer to produce sealants for many industries. Physical properties such as tensile strength and adhesion can be adjusted by using various fillers, plasticizers and additives.

Thioplast® G is used in:

  • insulating glass (double and triple pane windows)
  • construction (road, airport runways, petrol station)
  • aircraft
  • machine and marine
  • coating (concrete, floor, pipeline)
  • modification of epoxies and rubbers
  • molding compounds
  • grinding wheels
  • printing blankets

Characteristic features of the Thioplast® G types
(see pdf file)


Technical info
(brochure Thioplast G)