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Decorative Paints

Industrial Chemicals  
     Salt portal 

Functional Chemicals  
     Cellulosic Specialties
     Ethylene Amines 
     Salt Specialties
     Sulfur Derivatives   
    Polymer Chemicals 
     Polymer Chemicals China  
     High Purity Metalorganics    

Surface Chemistry  
     Asphalt Applications
     Fabric & Cleaning
     Feed Additives
     Fuels & Lubricants
     Functional Applications
     Mining Chemicals
     Oilfield Chemicals
     Personal Care
     Viscose Chemistry
Water Treatment

Pulp and Performance Chemicals
     Colloidal Silica
     Eka Fine Chemicals
     Specialty Oxidants

Powder Coatings

    Automotive & Aerospace Coatings

    Specialty Finishes

Marine & Protective Coatings
     Marine Coatings
     Protective Coatings
     Yacht Coatings 
Industrial Coatings     
     Packaging Coatings
     Coil Coatings Global
     Coil Coatings Americas
     Coil Coatings Europe
     Coil Coatings Asia Pacific
     Wood Finishes and Adhesives
     Casco Adhesives

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