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Germany's preferred supplier of wood coatings


For more than 200 years, German craftsmen, cabinet makers and OEM manufacturers have relied on AkzoNobel wood coatings to beautify and protect wood furniture, cabinetry, flooring and building products. The hub of our German activities is in Hilden, home to our Zweihorn ® and Sikkens ® brands of wood coatings. 

Zweihorn® is one of the leading brands of stains, paints and glazes for the professional finishing of wood surfaces. Professional woodworkers have relied on us for over 90 years, and our wood surface finishing products are standard bearers for the handcraft branch.  Over the years we have grown from being 'just a manufacturer' to a full service partner for wood treatment workers. Our services reach beyond our extensive product range to include planning, consultation and training, and continues on with colour design and systematic sales support.

We can't  do all of this alone, so we place great emphasis on a network of qualified dealers who not only sell, but also advice. It is our concept of high quality products,  professional advice and a diverse range of services that makes us so unique on the market.

Sikkens®  - The Sikkens name has stood for tradition and best-of-class quality for more than 200 years. This is what makes Sikkens the leading brand in the field of professional wood coating of exterior timber construction. Sikkens adds beauty and protection to wooden windows, doors, cladding and decking, and delivers quality products for most application methods and wood types. In addition, with our effective value-added marketing concepts and exclusive comprehensive technical support, we are the complete package for the protection and beauty of exterior wood.