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The Professional Standard

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AkzoNobel has led the development and supply of organic coatings to the major cladding producers for over 25 years.

SteelSeal is specially formulated for application to architectural cladding materials including steel and galvanise; pvc, polyester, silicone polyester and pvf2 coated substrates, as well as primed aluminium.
Breakdown of the original factory applied coating is very gradual, and timely maintenance with Steelseal can further increase the cost effectiveness of cladding products.

Composition and manufacture

SteelSeal Primer is a high build, single-pack primer based on pigmented moisture curing urethane prepolymer in aromatic and polar solvents. Intended as the primer on a variety of pre-finished cladding, including: Plastisol, Pvf2, Silicone Polyester, Polyurethanes and certain Acrylic coatings. Formulated to be used in conjunction with the SteelSeal Topcoat.

SteelSeal Primer is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey or Off-White colours.

SteelSeal Undercoat is an air drying undercoat based on a urethane modified alkyd, pigmented with inert pigments and extenders. It is formulated for use where cladding has been previously painted in a SteelSeal type product.

SteelSeal Undercoat is available  in White, Light Grey, Dark Grey and other colours on request. 

SteelSeal Topcoat is a semi-gloss, high-build topcoat based on pigmented synthetic polymers in bland solvents and specially formulated for use on cladding where resistance to weathering, mild chemicals and water is required.

SteelSeal Topcoat is highly versatile and through our colour match service, it can be matched to virtually any colour including BS4800, RAL and NCS colour palettes.


The excellent weathering properties and life expectancy of the SteelSeal system enables longer periods between repainting, thus reducing the overall cost of building maintenance. SteelSeal is a nominated supplier to Corus for use on their Colorcoat coil coating products.


AkzoNobel offers a specification service and has a recommended network of applicators for the SteelSeal system. AkzoNobel can also provide a product warrantee if applied to the correct specification.

Cleaning and maintenance

The SteelSeal system provides an easy to clean finished surface, which helps to retain a fresh appearance, and enhances the life expectancy of the paint system.