The heat is on

Find out how we’re helping McLaren’s new F1 car to keep its cool

Another sizzling F1 season is about to get underway – and things have really started to heat up now that McLaren Racing has unveiled its new MCL36.

It promises to be an exciting 2022 season for AkzoNobel as well, because we recently extended our long-running partnership with McLaren Racing and broadened the scope of the agreement.

We wanted to make it about much more than supplying products for the car. So while we’re extremely proud to have remained their official supplier of coatings solutions – as we have been for the last 13 years – we’re also looking forward to exploring new possibilities in various other areas. 


But let’s focus on the stunning MCL36 to begin with. Given that F1 has now moved to wrapping cars in film – because it’s much lighter – any paint that’s used on the race cars tends to be highly specialized. We quite literally add an element of cool to the new MCL36 by providing heat-shielding in the shape of our Intertherm 50 high temperature coating.

It forms part of a sophisticated thermal management system which protects critical components surrounding the engine and exhaust. The added beauty of the high-performance product – apart from its striking silver color – is that a single coat is just 25 microns thick, around a third of the width of a human hair.

You’d have to be eagle-eyed to spot it, to be honest, but you’ll have no such problem checking out our Sikkens products. They’re being used across the McLaren Racing team’s portfolio, including their factory, transport, the pit lane garage and equipment. Luckily, none of those move quite as fast as the MCL36!


Driving innovation

We’ve actually achieved several improvements in paint technology since first teaming up with McLaren Racing in 2008. As well as contributing to the performance of their F1 cars, the advances we’ve made have also crossed over to drive innovation in other industries.

This kind of close collaboration will now be expanded into other areas of our partnership. For example, we’ve now become a Sustainability Partner to McLaren’s racing team and are looking into a series of exciting opportunities which will enable us to achieve more together.

So we’re going way beyond just focusing on the car on the track. We’re heading in a new direction. Looking for new ways to build on our formula for success.

Formula for success

Find out why our long-standing partnership with McLaren Racing has entered the fast lane.