July 11, 2024
All figures in €m

Q2 2024

FY 2024

FY 2025

Revenue (€m)  2,715 10,708 11,053
Adjusted EBITDA1 (€m)  414 1,541 1,651
Decorative Paints      
Revenue (€m)  1,137 4,336 4,470
Adjusted EBITDA1 (€m)  193 683 730
Performance Coatings      
Revenue (€m)  1,578 6,378 6,602
Adjusted EBITDA1 (€m)  238 927 996

1. Adjusted EBITDA is operating income excluding depreciation, amortization and identified items. Identified items are special charges and benefits, results on acquisitions and divestments, major restructuring and impairment charges, and charges and benefits related to major legal, environmental and tax cases.

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