MIXIT puts color formulas at painters’ fingertips

Having quick and easy access to a growing database of more than two million color formulas comes in handy when you’re a painter. And that’s just one of the benefits of our cloud-based MIXITTM application.

“MIXIT is so user friendly because it’s a web application accessible from any device anywhere, at any time. All data and software updates are done instantly.” - Martijn Steggink, Manager of Color Tools, AkzoNobel

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More than two million colors

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Accessible on any device

MIXIT application on tablet

Smart, intuitive and efficient

A distinct advantage of MIXIT is access to our global color database and seamless integration with other AkzoNobel tools. Working with the AutomatchicTM spectrophotometer – an optical tool used for color measurement – and a smart scale, MIXIT offers a smooth, hassle-free process every time.

The global color database currently contains more than two million formulas for automotive, aerospace and yacht colors, with new colors and variants being added every day. That adds up to a lot of color choice! But thanks to intelligent algorithms, searching for and finding the right color is easy.

More than color retrieval

Through its live dashboards and reports, MIXIT delivers real-time insights that help businesses save costs, be more efficient and make decisions at any place and any time. And because MIXIT is cloud-based, users can now share custom color formulas across their internal network. With a MIXIT license, users can enjoy the full benefits of all the app’s features.

Going beyond imagination

First launched as a cloud application in 2017, MIXIT catered to the demand for greater accuracy and efficiency in the vehicle refinishes industry. It continues to shine as an example of AkzoNobel’s innovative digital solutions – going beyond the imagination of our customers with an app that represents the future of color retrieval.

To access the web application, visit our website or download the AkzoNobel MIXIT app via the Google Play store or iTunes.

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