Protection where it’s needed most

How our powder coatings contribute to critical industries

The events of the last few months have put into perspective the people, products and services that we truly rely on as a global population – with occasionally surprising results.

- Many industries use our Interpon powder coatings 

- Used on extensive range of critical equipment

- Includes hospital beds, ventilators and lighting

“We do all we can to ensure we meet the technical challenges and performance demands of everyone we work with.”

New words and phrases have also emerged and are now a regular part of everyday conversations. Critical industries, for example, is a term that’s been constantly in use – and it’s of particular relevance to AkzoNobel.
Because our paints and coatings – and the functionalities they provide – are vital to many essential products that play a major role in people’s daily lives. One of the most versatile and widely-used products we supply is our Interpon powder coatings. Safe, eco-friendly and highly durable, they’re used in various industries, from automotive and architectural to IT and furniture.
It’s the medical industry, however, that has grabbed everyone’s attention. The need for supplies and equipment has been unprecedented, and our powder coatings have long been making an important contribution to hospitals and care facilities around the world. Look closely, and you’ll find Interpon on an extensive range of critical equipment, including hospital beds, ventilators, oxygen bottles, examination tables, clamps (for operations), diagnostic systems, lighting and stretchers. 
There are several reasons for using a powder coating in these environments. As well as being long-lasting and color durable, powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing. Inherently sustainable, another benefit of powder coatings is that they can be used on virtually any type of metal.
Extra functionality can also be provided by our Interpon AM range, which contains BioCote® antimicrobial technology. Available globally, it offers invisible protection by combating the growth of microbes, such as bacteria and mold, which can cause issues such as odors, staining and material degradation*. So it makes it easier to keep surfaces hygienic by keeping them fresher and cleaner for longer.  
In fact, Interpon AM reduces up to 99.99% of microbes that can cause odors and staining on a protected surface. It’s typically used in hygiene conscious environments such as leisure and childcare facilities, washrooms, hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities, catering and food production areas, and public transport.
“Our customers rely on us to provide products across a whole range of industries,” explains Daniela Vlad, Managing Director of our Powder Coatings business. “Many of these provide essential services and we’re always looking for ways to set new standards for quality, sustainability and innovation. We do all we can to ensure we meet the technical challenges and performance demands of everyone we work with.” 
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*BioCote® technology does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices.

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