Code of Conduct

The winning formula: Our Code of Conduct is intended to provide our people with a clear overview of their obligations. In essence it captures not only the general Business Principles but also our key and relevant company directives. Ultimately it helps all AkzoNobel employees to perform our jobs in accordance with the company’s standards.

What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code defines the way we live our core principles every day. Whether you work for or with AkzoNobel, these are the responsibilities and behaviors we expect of you. It’s a shared standard we can all be proud of, and an integral part of our rules and procedures (Directives Framework). You should use these to find out more about how the Code applies to you.

Important to know

What is expected of us?

Every one of us needs to understand the Code, its directives and how we should behave as a result. While you may find it easier to apply some parts of the Code to your specific role, it’s important you ask questions about any part you are unsure of. If you cannot find a clear answer to an issue, use good judgment and discuss it with your manager if needed. And, if you are a manager, you are also a role model. Help your team understand how to live our principles and hold them accountable for their behavior.


Who is the Code of Conduct for?

Everyone who works for AkzoNobel must follow the Code, whether they’re an employee or contractor. We also have a Business Partner Code of Conduct, based on the same principles, which covers the responsibilities of our partners, including suppliers, distributors and agents.


What if the Code of Conduct is breached?

Failing to follow the Code may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal. If you see any breaches, raise them in a timely manner with the individual, your manager, or SpeakUp! You can find further guidance at the end of the Code.


Take time to think

We’re sometimes faced with situations where there is no obvious answer. If we are unsure what to do, we should stop and ask ourselves:

- Do I understand the risks and implications?

- Is this legal?

- Does it follow our Code?

- Is it fair and honest?

- Will it reflect well on me and the company?

- Would I feel okay if this appears in the news?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, we should not do it. If we are unsure, we should seek guidance from our manager, Legal, HR or our Compliance Officer. 

Raising concerns

If we believe that our Code is being, or is about to be, breached, we should take action. We can:

- Talk to the person involved

- Talk to our manager, HR business partner or the Compliance officer

- SpeakUp!, is designed to provide you comfort in raising your concern

If you wish to file a SpeakUp! report relating to AkzoNobel you may do so by opening a SpeakUp!

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