Sustainability is part of our DNA

It’s a daily priority for all our employees and is integrated into everything we do.

A focused paints and coatings company

For decades, sustainability has been an important part of the way we do business. But we want to go even further. That’s why our People. Planet. Paint. approach extends beyond our own operations. It’s about collaborative innovation and pushing boundaries. So we’ve made a firm commitment and set carbon reduction targets for our whole value chain, validated by SBTi.

Our sustainability ambitions

Sustainability ambitions AkzoNobel


We act with integrity and respect human rights across our operations and value chain, embracing diversity and inclusion, to transform the communities in which we operate.


We minimize our environmental footprint, reducing carbon emissions and moving towards zero waste by pioneering increasingly sustainable solutions and processes.


We constantly innovate to bring surfaces to life by offering our customers the most sustainable solutions that go beyond generations.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our approach to sustainable business is designed to contribute to the global agenda represented by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All the SDGs inspire our actions and decisions. As a company, we recognize their strategic importance to our business, and to the world—and continue to focus on those SDGs where we can have the biggest impact and integrate them into our sustainability agenda. This agenda is a key driver for business development, innovation and growth. The SDGs will therefore continue to help us take our industry forward and ensure that sustainability remains firmly at the heart of what we do.

Good health and well-being

We strive to support the development of green (healthy) buildings where people live and work. We do this by developing solutions that bring health and well-being advantages, for instance improving indoor air quality, helping to keep surfaces hygienically clean and making living spaces more fun, livable and enjoyable through color. Our multiple award-winning priority substance program is pro-actively removing hazardous substances ahead of legislation and reducing the health risks for users and end-users of our products.

Sustainable cities and communities

The large part of our products is used in the buildings and infrastructure sector. Our innovation in longer lasting products helps preserve buildings and heritage sites. Through our focus on energy efficiency, we help to design green net-zero buildings and sustainable infrastructure including public transport. This means we can make a major positive impact on cities and communities. 

Responsible consumption and production

We address the upcoming resource challenges through our zero waste programs and our circular economy approach across our entire value chain. We offer our customers solutions that have improved performance, durability and long-term protection for substrates with the objective to get more and better results with less resources. Coatings are an enabler to prevent products becoming waste. They enable furniture, transportation and building materials to be reused and recycled.

Climate action

We recognize the fact that climate change may have a future impact on our operations, supply chain and customers. In 2017, we committed to become a carbon neutral company by 2050. To achieve this, we are turning ambitions into actions by committing to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030. Additionally, we provide sustainable solutions to our customers that can improve the energy efficiency of their manufacturing processes and their end products and thus help reduce their carbon emissions, for example through low curing products, bio-based and water-based solutions and longer lasting products.

Partnerships for the goals

Collaboration is essential in order to scale up actions across the SDGs and drive the sustainability agenda. We set up our Paint the Future ecosystem to seek collaborations in accelerating innovation. We work closely with academia, NGOs, governments and industry peers and actively participate in various organizations, including the World Green Building Council,  RE100 towards our renewable electricity ambition, The Ocean Cleanup to help support their mission on tacking plastic in the world’s oceans and SOS Children’s Villages to improve youth employability.

Uniting partners to tackle climate change

We’ve launched a 24-hour Collaborative Sustainability Challenge to find collective ways to accelerate carbon reduction in the paints and coatings industry.

Our sustainable solutions

We’ve grouped the sustainability benefits we offer our customers into six People. Planet. Paint. chapters. Take a look at the value they can bring and learn more about each one in a detailed series of case studies. 

Making buildings greener

The buildings we live and work in can have a big impact on our health and well-being. We supply a wide range of solutions to the construction industry that can help to make cities and communities more sustainable.