Strategic importance and history of CP

AkzoNobel’s Community Program encourages sites and employees all over the world to use their skills and the company’s products for sustainable projects that benefit local communities. The program which makes funds available for worthwhile local projects that include hands on involvement is highly valued and has become an integrated part of the way we do business.

The Community Program is also an easy and accessible way for employees to contribute to the company’s Human Cities initiative. For example, team events are very popular and have become an annual tradition for many departments, frequently being included in conference agendas. They are also great for team building and help to enhance employee engagement, as well as promoting the development of new skills and talent.

employee quote:
“During our team projects we learn to adapt to changes and gain a better understanding of the great need in the area for inclusion of different abilities and living conditions.”

More background information

Since its start in 2005 the AkzoNobel Community Program enabled employees to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Thanks to their hands-on involvement and dedication they helped thousands of people making their cities and communities more liveable and inspiring. 

During 2015, the ten most inspiring community initiatives were selected as part of the celebrations for the Community Program’s tenth anniversary. In 2016, these winning teams were personally awarded their prizes by senior management in recognition of their valuable work. All prize money was spent on approved worthy causes and charities.

During the course of 2016, more than 3,600 AkzoNobel volunteers from around the world took part in 146 new Community Program projects. These included the refurbishment and repainting of schools, as well as upgrading buildings and facilities used by seniors and people impacted by addiction or homelessness. Others projects involved offering vocational training and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) workshops. Several projects were also focused on assisting refugees in order to enhance their integration and improve employability.

2016 Impactful figures 

employee quote:
“Our protected environment makes us often forget how other people have to make ends meet. I am very happy that we have been able to give some support to the less-privileged people in society”.