What do we expect from our suppliers?

We support our suppliers in their pursuit of continuous improvement and operational excellence. At the same time, we expect our suppliers to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, delivery, cost, innovation and sustainability. 

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Our business partners are expected to follow our company’s core values of safety, integrity and sustainability. These are set out in our Business Partner Code of Conduct (CoC) and governance requirements.

Quality performance

AkzoNobel is an industry leader in paints and coatings. Our customers expect premium quality and we expect the same from our suppliers. Our suppliers must agree that their quality assurance systems and change management processes are certified to ISO 9001 standards or the equivalent Quality Management System (QMS). If they aren’t, the supplier must plan to obtain the certificate within three years.

Delivery performance

Our suppliers should have robust on-time delivery systems and processes. Supplier deliveries must comply with AkzoNobel’s forecasts and orders through electronic data interchange (EDI), vendor managed inventory (VMI) or other electronic or conventional systems. Our suppliers shall deliver on time the correct quantity and identification, in accordance with agreed delivery terms/special supply instructions, and comply with AkzoNobel’s transport instructions. 

Cost and price development

Our suppliers shall make ongoing efforts to decrease its landed costs including, but not limited to, raw materials, labor costs, process costs, factory overheads, costs of poor quality, complete shipping costs, customs duties, tariffs, taxes, insurance, currency conversion and amortization. Our supplier should follow the agreed price development level from the purchase agreement, while other changes on the market price should be agreed by both parties in writing. 

Collaborative innovation

We’re interested in collaborating with suppliers on sustainable innovation, products and supply chain processes that drive competitive advantage, performance improvement and differentiation in our value chains. Working together, we’ll increase the number of innovative proposals and successful launches to market.

Interested in being a part of our collaborative, innovative supplier group? Take a look at Paint the Future – our collaborative innovation ecosystem for suppliers, startups and academia.

Responsible procurement

With our commitment to responsible procurement we create continuing value for AkzoNobel stakeholders in social, environmental and economic terms, for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders, communities, the environment and people in our supply chain.

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