Health, Safety, Environment and Security

Increasing stakeholder value by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers is crucial for the success of our company. Sustainable business operations are a prerequisite for meeting our challenging targets.

Our Company Statement on Health, Safety, Environment and Security, is fully aligned with our commitment to meeting all our stakeholders’ expectations in running a profitable and sustainable business, while at the same time meeting all our commitments to society and the environment.

To help implement the Policy’s requirements we have a comprehensive HSE&S Management System in place, including corporate policies, rules, procedures, related documents, and operational management systems at our Manufacturing sites.

Product Stewardship, the ongoing performance improvement of products in terms of safety, health and environmental impact is an important part of our value chain approach to sustainability. AkzoNobel’s Eco-premium solutions program, which focuses on the development of products with lower toxicity, improved energy efficiency, use of natural resources/ raw materials, reduced emissions waste, land use and risks (e.g. of accidents) is the logical next step in Product Stewardship.

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