Health, Safety, Environment and Security

Increasing stakeholder value by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers is crucial for the success of our company. Sustainable business operations are a prerequisite for meeting our challenging targets.

In 2016, we issued a new Policy Statement on Health, Safety, Environment and Security, which is fully aligned with our commitment to meeting all of our stakeholders’ expectations in running a profitable and sustainable business, while at the same time meeting all of our commitments to society and the environment.

To help implement the Policy’s requirements we have a comprehensive HSE&S Management System – including Corporate Directives, Standards, Guidance Notes and Operational Management Systems at our Manufacturing Sites – in place.

Product Stewardship, the ongoing performance improvement of products in terms of safety, health and environmental impact is an important part of our Value Chain approach to sustainability. AkzoNobel’s Eco-premium solutions program, which focuses on the development of products with lower toxicity; improved energy efficiency; use of natural resources/ raw materials, reduced emissions waste, land use and risks (e.g. of accidents) is the logical next step in Product Stewardship.