AkzoNobel has procedures in place for certain key aspects of its business operations including: procedures to handle general complaints; procedures governing the ownership and transfer of shares in the company or financial instruments whose value is dependent on the value of AkzoNobel shares; and procedures established to protect the personal privacy of AkzoNobel customers, suppliers and business partners.



General complaints procedure

We promote a culture of openness, integrity, and reliability. These values have been incorporated into the AkzoNobel Code of Conduct, which serves as a statement of what we stand for. It clearly expresses the company’s commitment to ethical behavior and to compliance with all laws and regulations in force in the countries in which we operate.

If employees believe that the Code of Conduct has been violated, we encourage them to report those violations. They can do so anonymously through our Speak Up! procedure.

Share Dealing Rules

The AkzoNobel Share Dealing Rules sets out the rules and procedures we have established governing the ownership of AkzoNobel shares, transactions in those shares, and transactions in other listed securities, or in financial instruments whose value partly depends on the value of those securities.

The rules apply to the company’s employees, the members of the Executive Committee (including the members of the Board of Management) and the Supervisory Board, and persons connected with such members.

Privacy rules for customer, supplier and business partner data

AkzoNobel has committed itself to the protection of the personal data of AkzoNobel customers, suppliers and business partners. The Privacy rules for customer, supplier and business partner data establish clear procedures to ensure that we fulfill our commitments with respect to privacy. We also have comparable commitments regarding the personal privacy of our employees and the protection of employee data.