Decorative paints

Since 1777, we’ve been developing products to color and protect all kinds of buildings, inside and out – from private homes to offices.

Whether they’re professional decorators or keen DIYers, our customers want great paint with a superb finish. We offer a wide variety of essential products for every situation and surface, including paints, lacquers and varnishes.

We also supply a range of mixing machines, color concepts and training initiatives to the building and renovation industry, as well as specialty coatings for metal, wood and other building materials.

We’re renowned for innovations that solve problems and inspire people to embrace color. From antibacterial paints that protect hospital patients to flame-retardant finishes that keep people safer, and even paints that reflect infra-red light and make our homes more energy efficient – we make them all.

Our brands

Customers all around the world use our trusted brands and products. While some are household names, others are more specialized – but it’s likely everything we make plays an essential role in your life. 

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