Industrial Coatings

Serving the consumer goods and buildings and infrastructure industries, our Industrial Coatings business includes Coil and Extrusion Coatings, Packaging Coatings, and Wood Finishes and Adhesives. 

From building facades and garage doors to kitchens and wooden floors, our products protect and beautify more surfaces than you can imagine. But we don’t stop there – our portfolio includes formulations that safely preserve your favorite soda in its can, while others ensure the wooden roof beams over your head both look good and are firmly secured.

Our products provide color and protection in countless situations

- Our complete range of coil and extrusion solutions for the metal construction industry includes residential, agricultural and commercial applications

- Our coatings are used in the packaging industry for beverages, food, closures and general canning

- We have an extensive range of industrial wood finishes to protect and enhance, primarily for the building product (windows, doors and cladding), flooring, cabinetry and furniture industries

- We supply our innovative industrial wood adhesives to the construction, flooring and furniture sectors

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