Ever since we first lifted the lid on our paints and coatings in 1792, we’ve been enhancing and safeguarding the fabric of everyday life – one layer at a time.

Inspired by the genius of Alfred Nobel – one of our founding fathers – we make the ordinary extraordinary, whether we’re coloring people’s lives or protecting what matters most.

We believe that every layer tells a story. So we look beyond the surface and see opportunities where others can’t. From deep underground, to homes, cities, transport and even outer space, our products and technologies are exploring new frontiers.

That’s why innovation and sustainability are woven into our identity, they provide the spark that opens up a world of possibilities – where every surface is an opportunity and every challenge stimulates our imagination.

Our success is built on creating durable, intelligent solutions and ensuring that quality is layered throughout everything we do. From our pioneering product development and unbeatable customer service, to the focus and thought we put into helping people and society.

It’s about preserving the best of what we have today and creating an even better tomorrow. Let’s paint the future together!

Painting with purpose

Wherever you are, chances are you’re close to one of our products. From everyday items to iconic buildings. You’ll even find us in the most surprising places.  

To achieve all of this we rely on the exceptional talent of our people. It’s our colleagues around the world who drive us forward to ensure we can deliver for our customers every single day. So if you want to know what it’s like to work for AkzoNobel, they’re the best people to talk to. Which is exactly what we did. We spoke to six colleagues – all from different countries and backgrounds. No script. No rehearsal. Just a few simple questions. Watch the video to see what happened.

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