Revolutionizing recreational boating

Recreational boaters will soon be able to benefit from a new hull cleaning system which eliminates the need to lift vessels out of the water.

Being developed by our International brand together with cutting-edge Norwegian start-up Fjord Tech Solutions, the Fast Track Hull Cleaner – which cleans boats similar to a car wash – will save owners time and money.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Fjord Tech Solutions, as we believe their technology – together with the performance of our coatings – is a combination that will deliver exceptional results for our customers,” says Bilal Salahuddin, Director of AkzoNobel’s Yacht Coatings business.

Adds Anders Øgaarden, CEO of Fjord Tech Solutions: “We’re delighted to have AkzoNobel on board as a partner. With its leading International yacht coatings brand, the company is known to be a paint manufacturer at the forefront of innovation. We can’t wait to see the benefits of our teams working together on shaping the future of not only hassle-free, but sustainable recreational boating, through simplified hull maintenance.”

The system – which is touchless, fast, and fully automatic – sees high pressure water streams used to ensure boats coated with an International hull coating continue to provide the stand-out savings they’re renowned for. It’s accessible to the boat owner through an app, with real time video streaming of the cleaning process. Trials are currently underway using International’s flagship Intersleek 1100SR, which has been proven to deliver unrivalled efficiencies in hull coatings.

Continues Øgaarden: “Recent years have seen the global shipping fleet benefit from significant advances in in-water hull cleaning solutions in combination with high quality, eco-friendly and long-lasting coatings, such as Intersleek 1100SR.

“Our ambition is to share these advances with recreational boat users worldwide to provide them with a system that results in reduced hull maintenance, faster hulls and considerable fuel savings. That way, boat owners can spend more time at sea with optimal hull performance.”

Once the system becomes available, it will be rolled out to boat owners as a subscription-based service.

Fjord tech solutions boat washin machine

Ever heard of a car wash for boats?

Discover how the hull cleaning system we’ve developed with Norway’s Fjord Tech Solutions could revolutionize recreational boating

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