Lifecycle assessment

Lifecycle thinking is an important basis for AkzoNobel’s sustainability work. Our standard assessment method is eco-efficiency analysis (EEA), based on a combination of lifecycle assessments and lifecycle costing.

How do we do it?

Assessment work is carried out by business and company level specialists and is based on ISO 14040-44 and a company lifecycle assessment database. Lifecycle assessment has been included in a range of processes for many years.

Carbon footprint assessment: We measure the carbon footprint of all our key value chains within Decorative Paint, using a full cradle-to-grave lifecycle assessment. This is the basis of our carbon footprint key performance indicator.

Eco-premium solutions: AkzoNobel’s eco-premium solutions concept requires the assessment of sustainability aspects along the value chain. It encourages the development of more innovative, sustainable products. We continuously aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our product value chains. We’re also developing environmental product declarations (EPDs) for some products as part of our marketing activity.

Other company processes: Lifecycle assessments are integrated into the company’s Innovation process and the assessment of our major investment processes, which also include a value on carbon.

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