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Changing urban landscapes one wall at a time

Find out how our partnership with Artscape in Sweden dares to be different

Would you let an artist loose on the outside of your building – not knowing what they were going to create until the last drop of paint had dried?

That’s the successful formula behind Artscape’s urban projects that take place every year across the length and breadth of Sweden.

For the past ten years, we’ve been supplying the non-profit organization with our Nordsjö paint to enable them to produce cutting-edge works of art that act as a springboard to greater sustainability, equality and cultural diversity.

It all started in Malmö back in 2014, when we donated paint for a “Let’s Colour” community project designed to brighten up local neighborhoods. Initiated by Artscape, it was also Sweden’s first festival celebrating large-scale art and resulted in 13 murals being painted during that first year of collaboration. Since then, we’ve worked together on more than 230 murals in locations across Sweden – all of which have been enthusiastically received.

“Thanks to extremely skilled artists who use color as a tool to transform cityscapes, we see people becoming happier,” says Tor Hedendahl, one of Artscape’s founders. “Art has a transformative power and a lick of paint can make a world of difference.”

To guarantee artistic freedom – whether it’s a council building or an apartment block –  owners of properties selected for murals don’t get to see as much as a sketch before painting begins. 

Explains Artscape co-founder, Daniel Wakeham: “When we start working on a mural, the first lines can look messy and it often worries the locals who aren’t familiar with the process. But they’re always happy with the end result. So many people stop to talk to us that it can sometimes be hard to get any work done!”

In our latest joint project – Artscape Kirseberg – artist, Charlie Granberg, has used our Nordsjö brand to transform the exterior of a mixed-use property in the Kirseberg area of Malmö into a pirate watering hole. 

“Charlie was chosen for this project because he uses photo-realism with a playful touch, explains Daniel. “He uses a lot of color and there’s a lot of energy in his paintings – which we think is appropriate on this street. As soon as Charlie finished, it was obvious that the local community felt a sense of ownership and that this new work of art belongs to them. It’s a special feeling every time that happens.” 

Photo credit: Artscape

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