We believe that driving sustainability agenda cannot be done by ourselves and this is why collaboration is important. It plays a key role to move things quicker. We engage and collaborate proactively with our stakeholders to identify opportunities to create shared value. Our key stakeholders are customers, employees, suppliers and communities, as well as society, industry associations and investors. We’ve become a member in various associations and organizations, which align with our sustainability approach.

World Green Building Council

We’re an active player in the world of green buildings. On the global level, we are a member of the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) of the World Green Buildings Council (WGBC). We’re also a member of various local Green Building Councils (GBCs); such as in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

United Nations Global Compact

We’ve been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2004 and annually disclose our communication of progress. We subscribe to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the key conventions of the International Labor Organization and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We are also a signatory to the Responsible Care® Global Charter and the CEO Water Mandate.

Together for Sustainability

As a Together for Sustainability (TfS) member, we contribute to its development, growth and success, for example by actively participating in workstreams and decision-making bodies. We’ve been part of the third party audit workstream for many years and now contribute to the new greenhouse gas Scope 3 workstream, where we use the leverage of the industry initiative to create awareness and reach suppliers on a larger scale.


Since 2017, we’ve been a member of the RE100 (a Climate Group initiative), which aims to move towards 100% renewable energy. We report our progress on their RE100 target annually, which in turn is published in their annual report as part of an overview of progress by all members.

Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition

We’re part of a broad coalition of Dutch companies to continue focusing on sustainability while using the UN SDGs as a guiding compass to define and measure our efforts. This will not only help us to mitigate climate risks, but will also enable us to create a more resilient economy and a more inclusive society. We endorse a strong focus on sustainability – such as the EU Green Deal – as one of the cornerstones of the COVID-19 recovery plan, while continuing to provide long-term certainty regarding the Dutch climate agreement and measurable commitments.

UN Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint

As a member of the UN Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint, we’re the first major paint company to eliminate lead pigments and driers in all our paint products and continue to do so when we acquire new companies. We aim to be positioned as a lead compound free company.

The Ocean Cleanup

We joined forces with The Ocean Cleanup in 2017 to help support their efforts on their mission to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. The partnership involves AkzoNobel providing advanced, biocide-free coatings advice and technologies across the activities within both the cleanup of our oceans and rivers alike for five years.