Delivering on commitments ensures a strong start to our 2022 sustainability journey

Our pioneering drive towards zero waste and reduced carbon emissions has been boosted by our best-ever assessment from one of our key sustainability ratings agencies.

The Sustainalytics score of 16.7, announced in December, shows an improvement of two percentage points on the previous year and puts us firmly in the “low risk” category.

Among our highlighted strengths were our robust emissions, effluents and waste management program, our carbon program, management of the environmental and social impact of products and services, and corporate governance. We also received high scores for our diversity and inclusion programs, human rights policies, business ethics and our approach to occupational health.

The Sustainalytics assessment topped off a successful year which saw us become one of the first recipients of the Terra Carta Seal, a major new award recognizing global companies which are driving innovation and showing commitment to creating genuinely sustainable markets. We were also named by independent think-tank InfluenceMap on its A-List of Climate Policy Engagement as one of 15 corporate leaders advocating for ambitious climate policy.

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Commenting on the achievements of the past year, CEO Thierry Vanlancker said: “It’s a clear endorsement of all the work we’re doing across AkzoNobel. By combining the power of nature with the transformative power of paint – which is exactly what we do for people and the environment – it demonstrates why paint matters in the fight against climate change.”  

He added: “Successfully combating the impact of climate change is everyone’s responsibility, so we have to work with all our value chain partners to transition to lower/zero carbon alternatives.”

We’re delighted to celebrate our achievements, but it’s important to recognize it’s a joint effort. The commitment and dedication of our teams across the company – including those in Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSE&S), Product Safety Regulatory Affairs (PSRA), Product Stewardship, Quality Control, Logistics, Procurement, Compliance and Integrity, Communications, Culture and Change, Human Resources and Manufacturing – have all played a vital role.

They’ll continue to do so, along with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. As we work towards the ambitious science-based sustainability targets we set last year, to reduce carbon emissions across the entire value chain by 50% by 2030 (against a 2018 baseline), we’re inviting everyone along on the journey. Innovation, collaboration, cooperation and conversation will be key as we accelerate our approach to sustainable business and explore further possibilities that can benefit the world we live in.

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